„Selymeim” – Énekesnők a nagyvilágból - Palya Bea és Beady Belle

„Selymeim” – Énekesnők a nagyvilágból - Palya Bea és Beady Belle

For the third year in a row, Bea Palya invites "fairies of song and musical Amazons” to perform in joint concerts in our Divas From Around The World concert series. They are women to whom she "owes her life”, and who have "caressed, cradled or awoken her from bad dreams”.  more

For each concert, the audience can enjoy two performances: one from Bea and the other from her guest, while they will also perform a couple of songs together to make sure their silks really are intertwined.
On this occasion, Bea has invited the Norwegian Beate S. Lech to Müpa Budapest, a woman who has shaken up the Scandinavian jazz scene with her band Beady Belle. They have recorded seven albums to date and worked alongside prestigious artists such as Jamie Cullum and India.Arie. Bea first heard Beate ten years ago. 'She's a small, fragile woman,' Bea wrote, 'with a wonderful voice and really exciting musicians. I was also really struck by her lyrics, as they dare to plunge the same kind of depths that I also like to explore. Then I found out that she writes everything herself, including the music. "How could someone come up with such great songs and sing them with her whole body and spirit?” I wondered. Well... It's because this wonderful woman lives in her music, and writes in a room full of musical instruments. Her songs have helped me get through the last year. They break down the feminine spirit into the most fragile layers and with such lightness that they lifted me up and I flew along with them. In these songs, jazz and pop are mixed together with soul and country, with acoustic and electronic sounds, and with careful composition and improvisation. Her music is at once made for dancing and dreaming, disciplined and unbound. I can hardly wait for the Hungarian audience to hear it too!'

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