Classsical Bravura

Classsical Bravura

Tamás Solymosi – Albert Mirzoyan – Irina Prokofieva – Jiří Kylián – Harald Lander
Four one-act ballet in three parts

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M. Petipa – Solymosi T. – Mirzoyan A. – Prokofieva I. / L. Minkus – É. Deldevez



Few works in classical ballet history have as many versions as the Paquita suite, also known as the Paquita Grand pas (classique). The new piece was created by Marius Petipa on the basis of the French ballet Paquita by working together with composer Ludwig Minkus to select the main musical numbers. Ever since the original premiere in Russia in 1882, the piece has used as many variations and solos, including additions from external sources, as dreamed up by the choreographer of the given production. In fact, a unique attribute of the piece is that the performing dancers often determine the numbers to dance or even perform choreographies prepared specifically for them.


Jiří Kylián / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart



Jiří Kylián has always admired Mozart; over the course of his career, he has created a number of choreographed to the composer's music, including one from 1991 that paid homage to the genius of the 200th anniversary of his death.

Featured in this uniquely atmospheric ballet are six women, six men and six swords. In addition to the weapons, other props include black, baroque-style clothing and bizarre crinolines. The symbolic image in the dance piece presents a world where aggression, sexuality, silence, music, vulnerability, interdependence and eternal human beauty exist together in their own sense of poetry. This ballet from the choreographer's mature period is characterised by daring visuals, superb dance performances, elegance and style and has featured in the Hungarian National Ballet's repertoire since May 2013.


Jiří Kylián / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart



"I've decided that I cannot simply create a dance series reflecting the composer's sense of humour and music genious. Instead, I've choreographed six visibly confusing scenes..." (Jiří Kylián)

In Kylián's ballet, Mozartian playfulness and absurd reality are transplanted into the language of movement. It was not a story that he set out to create, but rather a dance piece constructed out of the absurd situations encountered by heroes in powdered wigs who sometimes act irrationally and awkwardly: the very dictionary definition of the word "burlesque". From the first moment, the eight dancers take the stage like they are stepping out of a wax museum from Mozart's own era, and then the innovative freshness and dizzying dynamic of the choreography makes them ever more modern: timeless heroes of Kylián's absurd creative world.


Harald Lander / Carl Czerny – Knudåge Riisager



Études is one of choreographer Harald Lander's most outstanding creations, one that he crafted for the Danish Royal Ballet in 1948. Beginning with the five positions of ballet and exercises beside the bare, it goes on to show certain parts of the rehearsal process, finally culminating in the grand finale of the completed Performance. Études depicts the everyday work of ballet dancers in its full reality and grandeur: the beauty and aesthetics of classical ballet and the joy and thrill of Dance.
“Both ballets are extreme compilations of vigorous ballet technique. Those ballets require virtuosity in bursts, often punctuating less onerous scènes d’action; these ballets require a lexicon of the toughest dance vocabulary, from start to finish….In particular, one must applaud the excellence of the ballet masters for the overall magnificence of the corps de ballet across both works.” (Graham Watts, Bachtrack)

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