ExperiDance - Omega Musical: Gyöngyhajú lány balladája

ExperiDance - Omega Musical: Gyöngyhajú lány balladája

The Ballad of the Pearl-haired Girl

The Alpha and Omega of Musicals

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24 ExperiDance dance artists on stage, 5 excellent musical actors at the microphones and 21 sensational Omega hits in a new guise. A story that everyone who had been young and in love has experienced. The Premier of the ‘Ballad of the Pearl-haired Girl ‒ The Alpha and Omega of Musicals’ will be on the stage of RaM Colosseum on 12 March.

The Omega Band and ExperiDance Production put their new piece on stage after several years of careful planning, meticulous coordination and feverish creative work, featuring György Szomor, Réka Koós, Nelly Fésűs, Ádám Lux and Péter R. Kárpáti, in which world-class hits strike up, such as ‘Trumpeter Charlie, ‘Petroleum Lamp’, ‘If I Were the Wind’ or the ‘Pearls in Her Hair’.


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