Purchase Voucher application

In the interface below, you can request the exchange of tickets for Purchase Vouchers of our partners.

In view of the coronavirus emergency, several InterTicket partners have decided to exchange redeemed tickets for affected and missed productions for a Purchase Voucher. You can register your claim using the form below.

The Purchase Voucher can only be used for the productions of the given partner, in the manner and under the conditions specified by the partner. Please visit our partner's website or connect with its customer service for details.

Customers who enter their claim on the form below will receive an email with the Purchase Voucher after the specified deadline.

Please note that you may not be able to use this option for all productions, only where the organizer has defined this way for InterTicket to handle the tickets in question.

1. Customer data

In case of tickets purchased online, please enter the data used when purchasing!

2. Ticket details

Please do not enter tickets purchased online (on the website) and offline (at ticket offices or ticket offices) in the same process. If you want to change from both ticket types, after saving the online tickets, repeat the process with the offline tickets.

If the show you are looking for does not appear, the organizer may not have approved the redemption yet. In this case, please be patient, check out the venue's website and turn back later.

3. Barcodes / voucher

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