Cancellation of ticket refund - For all ticket types

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Some partners of InterTicket decided to refund automatically the price of tickets affected by the coronavirus emergency. However, you have the option to support creators by waiving the amount below. It is important that you can not use this option for all affected performaces, but only where the organizer has defined this option.

If you have a ticket that can be entered on this interface, but you do not wish to cancel the amount, then you have nothing to do, we will begin the refund process after the cancellation deadline set by the organizer.

1. Customer data

Please enter the information used for the purchase.

2. Ticket details

If you have both types of tickets and you would like to donate, save the online tickets in our system and repeat the process with offline tickets.

If the show you're looking for doesn't appear, the organizer may not have allowed you to cancel.

3. Barcodes

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