Sisi and her beloved Hungary

Sisi and her beloved Hungary Szép

Walk in the footsteps of Hungary's most celebrated queen! 

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Elisabeth, “Sisi”, the eccentric empress of Austria and queen of Hungary is an emblematic figure in the nation's history. She was the ideal of beauty, fashion icon, rebel queen, poet and highly skilled equestrian. During this guided tour we discover the unique alliance between Sisi and Hungary, the secrets of her troubled personal life and her influence in European politics while we walk in her footsteps in the former Royal Gardens of the Buda Castle.

Join us for the tour if you’d like to hear the story of a stunning female trailblazer.

DURATION:  90 mins

DEPARTURE: 4. Ybl Miklós square Budapest 1013 - Statue of Miklós Ybl
ARRIVAL: Döbrentei square 1013 - Statue of Elisabeth
PRICE: 4000 HUF/person 


Please take into consideration that the tour is not suitable for wheelchair users and it is not safe for strollers. 

The program starts in all weather conditions. 

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