For the very first time, Giselle, the romantic ballet adapted from haunting tales of German folklore, can be seen in the splendid setting of Margaret Island Open-Air Stage! Due to the stage’s unique and lush natural features, we may enjoy this passionate, evergreen classic ballet, peopled with otherworldly spirits, as never before!

Giselle – which tells of the enchanted willies, young maidens who died before their wedding day – is a staple of 19th-century romantic ballet. Since its 1840 premiere in Paris, it has been an indispensible work in ballet repertoires around the world. The title character, the young Giselle, dies of a broken heart after being tricked and betrayed by a lover. Following her demise, she becomes a ghostly willy, one of the female spirits that appear at midnight to find new victims among the living and dance them to death. Lurking beneath this simple, romantic conceit is the complicated dynamic between men and women. For dancers, Giselle is one of the most complex and difficult leading roles, interpreted here by Olga Grishenkova, who appeared on the island stage last year as Daisy in the ballet rendition of The Great Gatsby.

The artists dedicate this production, exclusively performed by The State Opera and Ballet Theatre of Novosibirsk (NOVAT), to the memory of the wonderful dancer Nikita Dolgushin.

Solo Dancers: Ernest Latypov and Olga Grishenkova

Composer: Adolphe Adam 
Libretto: Jules-Henri Vernoy de Saint GeorgesThéophile Gautier and Jean Coralli Choreography: Nikita Dolgushin based on the choreography of Jules PerrotJean Coralli and Marius Petipa

Music Director and Conductor: Karen Durgarian 
Choreographer: Nikita Dolgushin 
Set and Costume Design: Vyacheslav Okunev 
Lighting: Alexander Kibitkin 
Ballet Master: Mikhail Messerer 
Assistant: Evgenia Kostyleva

Classic ballet production by the State Opera and Ballet Theatre of Novosibirsk.


(2 hours and 15 minutes with one intermission)

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