Online ticket refunds

Refund of tickets of performances affected by emergency phase (online purchased tickets)

Due to the coronavirus emergency, several partners of InterTicket have decided to refund the tickets for affected performances. In the cases listed below, the refund is not automatic but you can request a refund by filling the form. After the partner's deadline for the claims, the claims will be forwarded to the payment service providers, who will begin the transfer process. It is important that you can not use this option for all affected performances, only for the ones the organizer has specified this refund method for InterTicket. Please make sure, you fill in the name and email address you used when executing your purchase.

1. Dane klienta

Please enter the information used for the purchase.

2. Szczegóły biletu

Only for tickets purchased online.

If the show you are looking for does not appear, please make sure you enter the same email address you used to make the purchase. If the two addresses are the same but the performance is not available, the organizer may not have approved the redemption yet. In this case, please be patient, check out the venue's website and turn back later.

3. Kody biletów

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Az ajándékutalvány, a rendszerében használható fel az elérhető programokra (színház, koncert, fesztivál, sport) történő jegyvásárláskor.

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