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2019. július 17-21. XII. Campus Fesztivál @ Debrecen-Nagyerdő

Ten snapshots of Nazi Germany, based on Bertolt BRECHT’s Fear and Misery of the Third Reich. An examination performance.

RAW / raw, rough, unprocessed, abraded, inexperienced, open. A man dying. A person living. Us, the puppets and Death.

Victim of his own superstitions, a cemetery guardian, performing his daily duties, finds himself in a weird situation. During a night like all the others, he is obliged to lend his body to invisible beings… From decision to action, present to past, from life to death – to which musical rhythm will our soul dance to in the great beyond?

Participatory style theater for two spectators. Together they create an experience on the topic of journey. First they build a figure and then they collectively move it throught a game board. Together they have to deal with obstacles prepared by the performers.

Introducing the physical theatre class! Made up of three performances, this production has three members of the fourth-year physical theatre and choreographer class presenting their work as artists and choreographers on the university stage.

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